Learning Pursuits Challenges!

Get ready for Learning Pursuits! at Learning 2018!

Learning Pursuits will be a collection of "Challenges", Games and even a Learning Pursuits Escape Room!   

Learning Pursuits will explore how we are ALL pursuing Better, Deeper, More Agile, More Focused and More Personal approaches to Learning.

Learning 2018 Participants will be invited into these Learning Pursuit Challenges:

  • Learnng Pursuits Escape Room:  Spend an hour with a collection of learning colleagues working your way through a special Learning Pursuits Escape Room - designed by both Chief Learning Officers and our 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders.  You will have timed based challenges, mysteries and puzzles - as well as creative stretches in your Learning Pursuit to fit the learning approach to the needs of our Escape Room Characters.
  • Learning Pursuits Game Design: A session focused on designing a gamification approach to learning - and in this case, exploring the Learning Pursuits of a workplace employee!
  • Learning Pursuits General Session Challenges: Using actors, music and storytelling, we will have an intense, quick set of Challenges from the General Sessions as we look at how technology, changing workplaces, social networks and even AI might impact the Learning Pursuit of a learner or her manager, as they look to the future of learning.


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