Meet LearnBot! Your ChatBot and Advisor!


While you will be one of 1,800 learning colleagues at Learning 2018 - LearnBot is going to be right by your side.

We are developing a special "chatbot" for Learning 2018 which will be a text or messenger away - with information, advice and even random suggestions.

Using SMS Text, Facebook Messenger or a Web Based Window, every participant at Learning 2018 will be able to ask LearnBot for key information, advice, updates or even "hot questions".  You will be able to:

  • Ask for the Learning Experiences that are scheduled right now!
  • Highlight a key topic that is emerging throughout the event.
  • Curate your own content into a Shared Digital Notebook for every session.
  • Ask for a Random Session - that might really tweak your interest.
  • Get Info about the Learning Genius Bar
  • And Many Many Surprises

ChatBots are emerging as an alternative to going to a learning site.  Instead, your LearnBot will come to you with short bursts and ready to answer a range of serious and funny questions.

Stay tuned.  LearnBot will be going live right before Learning 2018 begins.

(LearnBot is a developmental innovation created by Mobile Coach and MASIE Productions)