Instructional Designers Retooled!

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Learning Producers: Retooling Instructional Designers

The learning and learner of today and tomorrow requires new and evolving skills from learning professionals. It is time for us to “Retool” our Instructional Designers into Learning Producers!

The skills of instructional design will continue to be important, but the Learning Producer has a wider set of competencies and capacities including:

  • UserExperience
  • Design Thinking
  • Learning Data Analytics
  • Curation Ecosystems
  • Personalization Strategies
  • Workflow and Performance Support
  • Integration with Evolving AI & Machine Learning
  • Understanding of Brain Science and Cognitive Behavior
  • The “Lego” Model of Content and Experience Development
  • Globalization of Learning Resources

The Learning Producer will add many of these skills to their instructional design skills. As a Producer, much of the content that you will be assembling and distributing will be from Open or External Resources. As a Producer, you will facilitate a wider range of choices of the format, setting, intensity and framework of learning activities. And, as a Learning Producer, your use of Data and Analytics will become a major force in design and personalization.

Finally, the Learning Producer title is a better positioning for future promotions in the your career, with a wider set of transferable skills and readiness to play other roles in other parts of the organization. We will deeply explore the retooling of instructional designers into Learning Producers at Learning 2018!

What happens in Orlando – will follow you to the next chapters in your roles and career.

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