Design in Last 72 Hours?

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"Elliott, your notes imply that the Design for Learning 2018 continues right until and thru the event.  Is there ever a time when you say "Done?"?"

Well, I guess I reveal a side of myself in my blogs, the endless and delighted Producer/Designer that never stops :)

Our team is arriving in Orlando today and in 72 hours 1,870+ colleagues will start their Learning 2018 experience.  Much of the design is "done" and fundamentally fixed in place.

But, the fun and creative side of being a Learning Producer is the adjustments and refinements that we make as the reality of the situation collides with the design assumptions.  Here are a few of the items on our whiteboard that will be adjusted today:

  • A major retailer would like to have a breakfast with key CLO's that are interested in employer support for front line workers.  So, we are moving around a few items and the breakfast is scheduled.
  • Our app, which is from a new provider, needed some tweaks to content display formats, and we delayed the sending of the log-on until a few hours ago.
  • We added a 5 video feed from an intriguing K to 12 EdTech startup to illustrate how other sectors are handling learning innovations from ventures.  
  • Sent background material and description of the corporate learning colleagus that will be in the audience to Former First Lady Laura Bush - to help her prepare for her appearance on Monday morning.
  • Added a Poll Anywhere capacity so that 2,000 people can text words during a General Session via SMS and it will appear on the screen in a Real-Time Word Cloud.
  • A few events of life have happened this week - a sick presenter, a relative of a speaker passes away and other adjustments.
  • The Escape Room model has progressed and we will call it "Secret Doors to a New Roles" - to explore how an employee is onboarded or promoted with creative approaches to transition.  
  • Changing some of the songs we will use at the event - to better align with the themes and world events.
  • A few last minute registrations from some deeply experiened learning colleagues and will weave them into our program.
  • Adjusting the food and beverage orders to reflect the growth in participants and also calculating how many people will eat lunch or use the ticket to Disney on Tuesday night - all to spend most effectively.
  • Shared that we will have a place for AA members to meet privately each day.
  • Been working on the pictures that will scroll behind each speaker - on the 110 Foot Screen - in the General Sessions room.
  • Finalizing the fun and knowledge that will happen at our new Genius Learning Bar in the Learning 2018 lobby.
  • Adding suprises, even for my team, to keep Learning 2018 hot and current for everyone.
  • And, picking which colors I want to wear for each General Session keynote.

Learning Production requires an endless and evidence based approach to design.  In fact, the year the design is "done" before the event begins is the year that I will be sad.  Learners, Learning and Production are organic, alive and always improving.

See you in Orlando in Just 72 Hours!