Data Analytics for Learning!

Data Analytics is a Key, Critical and Missing Skill for Learning!

At Learning 2018, you will have multiple opportunities to participate in our new Data Analytics for Learning Boot Camps! 

  1. Explore what the skills, competencies, frameworks and language of Data Analytics for Learning. 
  2. Build a vocabulary of Data Analytics terms, definitions and models, that will allow you to have a more informed discussion about this rapidly expanding field.
  3. Understand the job requirements and experiences of new Data Analytics for Learning professionals.
  4. Consider the Re-Tooling needs for a learning developer to evolve into a Data Analytics for Learning implementer.
  5. What is Hype, Real and Doable in Data Analytics for Learning.

Our Boot Camps will take place throughout Learning 2018, including a General Session presentation by a CLO on the need for Data Analytics as a competency in the focused Learning organization.