150+ Learning Activities & Sessions!


Keynotes and General Sessions
  • Former First Lady Laura Bush
  • Leslie Odom, Jr. – Star of “Hamilton” and Author of “Failing Up”
  • Dan Pink – Author of “When”
  • Vicki Lau – VR & Learning
  • Elliott Masie – Host & Curator of Learning 2018
  • “Uptown Funk” – Norfolk Police Department
  • Nick Van Dam – Chief Learning Officer, McKinsey & Company
  • Richard Culatta - Learning Innovations & Co-Host
  • Telly Leung – Aladdin on Broadway – Storytelling
  • Rebecca Stromeyer – eLearning Africa, Online Educa Berlin
  • Bob Mosher – Masie Learning Advocate
  • Zenganqi Wang – AI & Learning in China
  • Kathy Tague – Learning Leader, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
  • Rob Lauber – Chief Learning Officer, McDonald’s
  • Tara Deakin – SVP & Sr. Talent Officer, TD Bank
  • 2018 National Teacher of the Year, Mandy Manning
Learning Sessions by Implementers
  • 60-Minute Game Development: Yes! – Bloomsburg University
  • 40+ Views of Learning in 2020 & Beyond – Accenture
  • A Coaching Culture – ERIE Insurance Company
  • "Action" as an Organizational Capability – Author: Steve Garguilo
  • Ayurveda for a Healthy Body & Mind – Organic Leadership
  • Blockchain for Learning: Definition & The Future – Accenture
  • Call Center Training: What's Unique? What's Working? What's Not Working? – Zelus & More
  • Case-Based Learning: Keeping it Real! – Canadian Red Cross
  • Centers of Excellence Don't Work: Get Closer to the Business – Oath by Verizon
  • Chatbots for Learning: P&G’s Coaching Pilot – P&G
  • Chatbots: Personalized Learning Assistants – Florida Virtual School
  • Combating Stress & Achieving Inner Peace – Organic Leadership
  • Communities in Workplace Learning – PwC
  • Conquering Compliance with Performance Support – Saint Vincent Hospital, Erie PA
  • Crisis Readiness & Response: Learning’s Role – Canadian Red Cross
  • Curate External Content Collections to Save Time & Boost Company Culture – PwC
  • Curation-Based Learning at Scale – The Kellogg Company
  • Customer Training: Wild, Wild West of Learning – Bosch Security and Safety Systems
  • Design Thinking Deep Dive: Prototyping Learning Experiences – McKinsey & Company
  • Digital Disruption & Learning – Humana
  • Digital Learning Innovation Labs: Fostering Healthy Disruption – McKinsey & Company
  • Engaging Virtual Learners – Prudential Financial
  • "Five-Star" Training Experiences: Hospitality Lessons from Top Hotels – Marriott International/Georgetown University Global Hospitality Leadership Program
  • Free & Really Low-Cost Learning Tools – Terri LoGiudice, Cigna
  • Gaming for Learning with xAPI – Hilton Grand Vacations
  • "Get Us Hard Data": Measuring & Evaluating Impact – Liberty Mutual
  • Graphic Artistry for Learning – Crowley & Co.
  • High-Impact Learning on a Low-Impact Budget – CBRE
  • Hollywood Films Can Teach Us About Learning – Bosch Security and Safety Systems
  • How to Make a Virtual Reality Movie – Accenture & The Nation of Artists
  • Immersive (VR, AR & Beyond): How to Create Use Cases & Find Internal Champions – McKinsey & Company
  • L&D Synergy: Bridging the Gaps Between Infrastructure, Design & Facilitation – MidFirst Bank
  • Leaders as Teachers – Owens Corning
  • Leadership Experiences: Turning Up the Heat – 3M
  • Learning Cultures are More Than Learning – MASIE Learning Fellow: Nigel Paine
  • Learning Data Warehouses: Why & Where – The Learner Collective
  • Learning Ecosystem & Technology Roadmap – ADP
  • Learning Escape Room: From Innovative Idea to Implemented Reality – Autodesk
  • Learning Festivals: Celebrating Employee-Created Content – Slalom
  • Learning is a Product. Think Like a Product Manager. – The Learner Collective
  • Learning Professionals Must Be Project Managers, Too! – TSYS
  • Learning Video Design: More Than a Talking Head – The Kellogg Company
  • Learning: Using Immersion Neurosensor Tech – Accenture & Immersion Neuroscience
  • Let's Talk 3D Immersive Learning! – FM Global
  • Lights! Camera! Learn! The Nuts & Bolts of Learning Video Development – The Kellogg Company
  • Listening: A Soft Skill with a Hard Impact – Silverstone Communications
  • LMS - We Built Our Own: A Shopping Cart for Learning – Ellie Mae
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: The Impact on Work – The Hartford & More
  • Market & Reinforce Learning with Awareness Campaigns – PTC
  • Marketing Learning with Creative Messaging – AvidXchange
  • Marketing Learning: How to Hook Learners – KeyBank
  • Maximizing Impact of Learning & Development – Deloitte
  • Measurement: Create or Enhance Your Approach – Humana
  • Millennials & Customer Service Training – Datto
  • "Nudging" New Behaviors in the Flow of Work – McKinsey & Company
  • Onboarding New Hires: Stretching It Out! – The Hartford
  • Onboarding: Update Your Approach with Human-Centered Design – Deloitte
  • Performance Support First: Building Competence & Experience – GE Healthcare
  • Performance Support/On-the-Job Learning 101: Getting Started – MASIE Learning Advocate: Bob Mosher
  • Performance Support: Stop Pondering – Just Do It! – Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency
  • Personalized Portal for Holistic Development – Deloitte
  • Product Approach: You are Not Your Learner – Expedia Group
  • Reimagining Leadership Development at Darden – Darden
  • Rethinking Classroom Design – KPMG
  • Reverse Mentoring – 30 Under 30 Program
  • Sales Growth & Enablement: Learners Charting their Own Development – MassMutual
  • Sales Training at the Point of Work – Plex Systems
  • Sandboxes: Building Safe Places to Explore & Make Mistakes – InterSystems
  • "Selfie" Videos as Training Aids – Plex Systems
  • Simulation Experiences for Skill-Building – GE Healthcare
  • Simulators for Learning: Q&A with the Allan Myers Team – Allan Myers
  • Stop Thinking Like an Instructional Designer & Start Thinking Like a Game Designer – Bloomsburg University
  • Storytelling for Learning: A Hands-On Workshop – Accenture
  • Storytelling: Guiding Behavior & Influencing Decision Making – Humana
  • StoryTraining: Selecting & Shaping Stories that Connect – Author: Hadiya Nuriddin
  • Taking Leaders to the Edge to Transform Organizational Culture – ABB
  • The Learning Game "Tour": Experience, Explore & Dissect Learning Games – Bloomsburg University
  • The Power of a Puzzle – Charles River
  • Training Impact: Maximize It with a CLEAR Framework – Autodesk
  • Training Unskilled Workers (Not Skill-Less Workers) – Allan Myers
  • "TV Show" Approach to Virtual Training – Axalta Coating Systems
  • S. Military: Surprising Partner for Workplace & Academic Learning – Rollins College
  • Unconscious Bias & Learning – Analyst: Mike Rognlien
  • Untapped Talent: Service Members, Veterans & Military Spouses – Council of College and Military Educators
  • Video Game Design Principles for eLearning – Amazon Web Services
  • Virtual Reality for Training – Axalta Coating Systems
  • Virtual Reality: Improving Inclusive Behaviors – Accenture
  • Want to Join the Gig Economy? A Conversation with a Freelance Veteran – Hartke Designs
  • "White-Glove" Student Experiences – Visa
  • And More!
Supplier Showcase Sessions
  • Accelerating Behavior Change with Digital Capabilities – Cognician/AccentureStrategy
  • Activate Talent & Unleash Potential – DeVryWORKS
  • Adaptive Learning: Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Teaching – Area9 Lyceum
  • Adaptive Learning: Meeting the Dynamic Needs of Your Employees – Caveo Learning
  • Breaking Ground on Experiential Leadership Development – Intrepid by VitalSource
  • Bridging the Skills Gap for 75 Million Global Learners – Bridge Practice
  • Chat Interfaces: Leveraging Bots for their Value in Learning – Brightwave Group
  • Compliance & Training Messages That Stick – DuPont Sustainable Solutions
  • Digital Learning: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – CrossKnowledge
  • Education as a Strategic Investment for Fortune 500 Companies – Guild Education
  • Going Digital: Hybrid Virtual Models Rival the Classroom – D2L
  • How Education Fuels Brand Loyalty – ed2go, a Cengage Company
  • The Bionic CLO: Learning Strategy to Propel Business Success  – Degreed
  • Intelligent Learning: Virtual & Augmented Reality Applied – Conduent Learning Services
  • Learning Analytics & Measurement Modernized! – Performitiv
  • Learning Ecosystem Basics to Success: 5 Plain and Simple Smart-Hacks – LEO Learning
  • “No Children Were Harmed Making this Teacher”: Using VR to Educate Teachers – Mursion
  • Pain-Free Vendor Relationships: A Prescription for Optimization – General Dynamics Information Technology
  • Performance Adjacent Learning: Connecting Learning and Producing – O'Reilly Media
  • Power Up Your L&D Partnerships – Study.com
  • Putting Learners in Control – Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning
  • Readiness: When 90% is Not Good Enough – Bluewater
  • The Business Case for a Better Learner Experience – EdCast/RapidLD
  • Theater-Based Coaching to Change Corporate Culture – Alliance Theatre - Alliance@work>;
  • Video-Based Learning with Results: Fine Tuning Knowledge – gomo learning
  • Virtual Reality in L&D: Interactive Firefighter Education – Vector Solutions
  • VR is Happening & Successful! Facts, Figures & Frameworks – STRIVR
  • Winning with Talent in the Digital Age – The Boston Consulting Group
  • And More!
Learning Engagement & Experiences
  • Pit Crew Adventure
  • MIT Neuro-Complexity Lab
  • Learning Genius Bar
  • Learning Chatbot
  • Learning Escape Room
  • Mobile Training Simulator
  • SimSpray Auto Finishing
  • Alternative Reality Video Gallery
  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • Make-up for HD Video
  • Global Learning & Second Accent
  • LearningTown Discussions!
  • And More!

Instructional Designers Retooled!

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Learning Producers: Retooling Instructional Designers

The learning and learner of today and tomorrow requires new and evolving skills from learning professionals. It is time for us to “Retool” our Instructional Designers into Learning Producers!

The skills of instructional design will continue to be important, but the Learning Producer has a wider set of competencies and capacities including:

  • UserExperience
  • Design Thinking
  • Learning Data Analytics
  • Curation Ecosystems
  • Personalization Strategies
  • Workflow and Performance Support
  • Integration with Evolving AI & Machine Learning
  • Understanding of Brain Science and Cognitive Behavior
  • The “Lego” Model of Content and Experience Development
  • Globalization of Learning Resources

The Learning Producer will add many of these skills to their instructional design skills. As a Producer, much of the content that you will be assembling and distributing will be from Open or External Resources. As a Producer, you will facilitate a wider range of choices of the format, setting, intensity and framework of learning activities. And, as a Learning Producer, your use of Data and Analytics will become a major force in design and personalization.

Finally, the Learning Producer title is a better positioning for future promotions in the your career, with a wider set of transferable skills and readiness to play other roles in other parts of the organization. We will deeply explore the retooling of instructional designers into Learning Producers at Learning 2018!

What happens in Orlando – will follow you to the next chapters in your roles and career.

Teacher of the Year!

We are honored to feature the 2018 Teacher of the Year, Mandy Manning, at Learning 2018.




We are excited to announce that the 2018 National Teacher of the Year, Mandy Manning will be featured at Learning 2018!


Mandy teaches English to newly arrived refugee and immigrant students in the Newcomer Center at Joel E. Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. In her classroom, Mandy uses experiential projects like map-making to help her students process trauma, celebrate their home countries and culture, and learn about their new community.

While Learning 2018 is primarily focused on Workplace Learning, it is critical that we recognize, collaborate with and learn from our education colleagues at K-12 and higher education!

“Let’s teach our students to be fearless,” she says. “Let’s teach them to be brave when confronted with uncertainty. Brave when they fail. Brave in meeting new people. Brave in seeking opportunities to experience things outside of their understanding.”

Here is a video clip about Mandy Manning, Teacher of the Year: 


Norfolk Police Department Lip Sync Hit

Special Engagement Award at Learning 2018!

It is amazing to watch the Norfolk Police Department show its diversity, creativity, humor, and engagement as its staff performs a lip sync rendition of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. Their video, which has been viewed over 50 million times, was created in response to a challenge from another department.

At Learning 2018, they will be honored with a special “Engagement Award” by learning leaders from some of the nation’s major corporations, including: McDonald’s, Google, Amazon, American Airlines, Humana, Microsoft, Walmart, and more.

“The officers and staff of the Norfolk Police Department are an amazing example of how music, creativity, team work, caring, humor, and risk taking can be a powerful tool for engagement. As they lip sync the words to Uptown Funk, you can see and feel the engagement of the wide diversity of the workforce – as well as feel the pride the community of Norfolk must have for its police force,” said Elliott Masie, Host of Learning 2018 and Broadway Producer (The Prom, Kinky Boots, and The Cher Show).

Here is a link to the viral video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZO7ADSwXAc

According to Norfolk spokesperson Cpl William Pickering, “We wanted to show the community our primary objective is to protect and serve the community, but we’re not robots. We share a lot of the same interests the community has.”

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